New Literary History Seminar

Post-Critical Interpretation

October 31 and/or November 1 2014

University of Virginia

Applications are invited for a seminar on post-critical interpretation to be held on October 31 and/or November 1 at the University of Virginia. The aim of this event is to stimulate ideas about aesthetic, political, or philosophical alternatives to critique via collective discussion of pre-circulated essays by seminar participants. While the seminar is intended primarily for graduate students and assistant professors, scholars at all levels are welcome to apply. Applicants should have a strong grasp of current methodological debates in literary and cultural studies and a willingness to explore new styles of reading and reasoning.

The costs of accommodation and meals will be covered. We anticipate that most participants will receive travel funding from their home institution, but a few travel stipends may be available in case of demonstrated need.

Applications should be sent by May 30 to New Literary History, University of Virginia, 219 Bryan Hall, Box 400121, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4121. They should consist of the following materials: cover letter, resume, and an essay or dissertation chapter of 6,000-10,000 words that speaks directly to the concerns of the seminar. Please indicate if you are in need of travel funds and provide the name of one referee. References will only be required for short-listed candidates.


(From l. to r.): Krishan Kumar, Jahan Ramazani, Zhang Longxi, Jeffrey Alexander, Susan Fraiman, Linda Alcoff, T. J. Clark, Kevin Hart, Susan Stewart, Antoine Compagnon, Sharon Marcus, Steve Connor, N. Katherine Hayles, Rita Felski


New Literary History Conference

Interpretation and its Rivals

September 19-20, 2013

Mary and David Harrison Institute for American History, Literature, and Culture | University of Virginia (Directions >>)

Is interpretation a limited and historically specific practice that is now in decline? Or, at a time when the humanities are under attack, should we defend interpretation as lying at the very heart of what we do?

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Past Events

The State of Postcolonial Studies

December 3, 10-4

Auditorium of the Harrison Institute/
Small Special Collections Library (Directions >>)


DIPESH CHAKRABARTY (University of Chicago))
Postcolonial Thinking and the Turn Towards the Human


ROBERT J. C. YOUNG (New York University)
Postcolonial Remains


A conversation about Postcolonial Studies, with:
YARIMAR BONILLA (Anthropology)
and MRINALINI SINHA (History, University of Michigan)


Exhibition Tour, “Global Collections at the University of Virginia Library: Engaging the World,” Main Gallery (Harrison Institute/SmallSpecial Collections Library).

Co-Sponsored by: The Mary and David Harrison Institute for American History, Literature and Culture and the Page- Barbour Lecture Endowment, University of Virginia


The State of American Studies

April 9, 10-4

Auditorium of the Harrison Institute/Small Special Collections Library


ROBYN WIEGMAN (Duke University)
The End of New Americanism


WINFRIED FLUCK (Free University, Berlin)
A New Beginning? Transnationalisms


A conversation about American Studies, with:
ERIC LOTT (English)
SANDHYA SHUKLA (American Studies/English)
SIVA VAIDHYANAtHAN (Media Studies/Law)

Co-Sponsored by: The Mary and David Harrison Institute for American History, Literature, and Culture
The English Department, and The American Studies Program, University of Virginia